Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jay Katari

Jay Katari has lead a major effort in the recycling industry to keep used clothing, household items and other used textiles from winding up in landfills. 80 to 90 percent of all unwanted clothing and household items win up in landfills helping no one. What Jay Katari does is place recycling containers in parking lots that encourage the consumer to recycle. All of the unwanted items are then processed and turned into money which in turn is then donated to charities like the Children's Miracle Network. Also the items get a new life and are offered to the less fortunate at deep discounts. Mr. Katari's organization also employs many people to get the job done. In the troubling times such as the one we are facing it is great to see people digging deep to make a difference in helping others and creating jobs by going green. Many have tried to exploit this industry and have even tried to tarnish Mr. Katari's good name, but no good deed goes unnoticed. I created this blog in Mr. Katari's name to personally thank him for doing right by others and his country.